Conquering Turmoil

The land shifts slowly beneath my feet
I’m careful not to stand on solid lies
Tip-toeing to the beat on the street
Waiting for the devilish rumble to die
Down in the alleys of deceit


Fire breathing entities encircle my castle
I hide the pyrophilic emotions
that used to conquer me
Tis a challenge for the brave, newly brave
and brave in  training
Tis a battle for your mind, dodging mines
in the valley of time
I’m yet to find why I’ve been fined

but I’ll be fine

Precarious entities party on in the presence of princes
Plucking out all the potential to block the royal peril
Sprinkling their pink powder to poison all perception

Proving their will power to empower their positions of power

I rue the day I let them in
Giving them the chance to spin
Doctors into a depressing din
Poets into pitiful paupers
Craftsmen into crooks
Leaving leaders in lairs of vile deception

This age void purity and a lost generation

I gaze at my castle, now fully ablaze
Left with my life and my faith
Appreciating the true treasure
In this boy that momma raised
Embracing my mortality, my soul shall be elevated
Seeing the value of silence,

Rather than a life of being praised.


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