Is the world beating you up? Maybe you threw the first blow


Sometimes we are quick to get on our knees when we can’t stand the pain. But we are even quicker to forget the moments we caused pain to others.
We become too obsessed with what we deserve, that we overlook our own responsibility in this great big world of ours.

“Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you’re doing something others are unlikely to do, because they’re hiding out in the comfortable zone.” — Seth Godin

With those words in mind, it is clear to see that most people aren’t being considerate of their families, their friends and the greater community. Yes, you should give time to yourself to reflect and decide what you want for your life. Yes, you should acquire the skill of discernment, to know who your true friends are and grow a worthwhile network that helps you grow. BUT, our generation’s rush into the “I-keep-my-circle-small” frenzy, has gone beyond its true purpose and now produces a basket of solitary-narcissistic-NeverSharing-StaleRelationshipHaving people who think the world is against them.

Get involved with charity work. Start a conversation in the long bank queue. Ask the quiet kid at school what career they want to pursue. Ask your parents about their experiences as they grew up. Talk to your gardener about their passions and talents. Connect with the world.

Bear in mind, that not every interaction will burst into sunshine and rainbows. You may get offended and you may offend the other individual. Instead of taking it as an attack, pause and see it as a lesson. Truth be told,  I’ve had (and still ponder) my fair share of grudges. And if some people had  been in the vicinity of a cliff, there would’ve been inexplicable nudges. [Insert eye emoji in-between tufts of grass]

Energy never dies and whether you’re religious on non-conforming, this statement holds all the water in existence. The more you dwell on what went wrong, the more you broadcast the energy of wrong events and the more you’ll encounter terrible events and the more you’ll complain about them. This gives you less time to actually work on fixing the issue and creating a better future. {Side-note: Think of that relative who is always complaining about why he’s always having a hard time. Now think of another person who, despite having experienced a few setbacks,   works towards a better tomorrow}

Give and you shall receive.

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