Know Yourself

We often focus so much on the spot-light,that we forget about all the other nights
when the curtains are drawn
and the crowds are gone,
we’re suddenly gripped by off-stage fright

When we neglect the value of our own lives,
our artistic creations slowly get diluted,
by the river of mass production
and third party grand deductions
When you’re everyone’s artist, you cease being your own

We’ve given more attention to the wrong lives
Remember the singers that were educators?
Remember the politicians that served their people?
Remember when a book and coffee were more acceptable than the TV?
Maybe I’m just an old soul, no wonder I clique with the old folks.

I too would love the lime-light,
pockets heavy with hella paper.
As long as I never rub shoulders with celebrities,
all competing to be the best narcissist.
It would better to shake hands with visionary minds
Whose knowledge is greater than gold
To aim for the pinnacle of enlightenment
leaving a continual masterpiece, even after my lid is closed.

I pray to discover and hold on to my identity
On a mission from He who sent us
Not conforming to the blind consensus
We’re free from the bitten-apple’s sentence
Watch them try in vain to censor us


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