Some of them
are now masters of illusions
Intricately layering their make-up
to hide a foundation of bruises
Leaving one clue or two
yet we ignore what the truth is
Some of us
laughed it off at first
thinking it was just one moment
rather than the black-and-blue curse
Our souls slowly dying
in this battered and bruised hearse
Some of them
reciprocated the attack
called upon the system
but were hurriedly sent back
into the upgraded onslaught
reminiscent of Iraq
Some of us
Chose to tightly close the curtain
shutting our eyes from the punching-bag burden
Ignoring the cries form a love not-so-certain
Perpetuating the lives of blood thirsty vermin
Helping society’s complacent roots to fully set in
Some of them
sadly never made it
Some of them
silently sit in a cage of anguish
Some of us
are right next to you
Speak-out Against  Abuse

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