The truth about intelligence


Growing up, my parents used to tell me I’m intelligent. I always had excellent grades, and reading was my favorite pastime. I say reading and not studying because I never liked opening the textbook to go over the material the teacher gave us during lessons (except the English text book, and even then I’d only read the stories under the Comprehension section). My teachers would also label me as “bright”, “sharp” and “brilliant”, but I never quite understood what they meant. My confusion grew as I heard other students being called “slow”, “dull” and “thick”. Mind you, I was an introvert (and pretty much invisible for most of my school life), and yet the same people whose personalities lit up the room were labelled “dull”. I couldn’t understand it.

Fast forward to November 2014, the issue of intelligence once again boggled my mind. There I was, almost done with my…

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Back and forth

I cross my heart and hope to be resurrected Rise up above Sheol for the paradise He created For me to see that there’s nothing greater on this earth For me to be free from malice and lustful mirth I was a pawn of the world a victim to shiny things I scratched my palms … Continue reading Back and forth