Back and forth

I cross my heart
and hope to be resurrected
Rise up above Sheol
for the paradise He created
For me to see
that there’s nothing greater on this earth
For me to be
free from malice and lustful mirth

I was a pawn of the world
a victim to shiny things
I scratched my palms for money-verbs
donned the attire and shady rings
I knew no psalm or Godly word
afraid of the truth and the light He brings

I was easily susceptible to the sultry subtleties
after my weekly dose of Hennessey
I’d go from sing-song to serenades changing them intermittently
orchestrated by the unconscious me
It did not help that I was slowly sinking
into the sea of blurred lines and stagnation

There were these brief moments
when the dark castle faded away
I would stagger then tip-toe past the scattered vessels
from last nights festivities
My soul would cry out for a release
from this pointless drivel
Then just like that
I’d be sucked back towards my throne

Now I stare at the unwitting faces
ready to deliver a sermon for the ages
as I push away from the pulpit
“The Lord gave me these prophetic pages”



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