Back and forth

I cross my heart and hope to be resurrected Rise up above Sheol for the paradise He created For me to see that there’s nothing greater on this earth For me to be free from malice and lustful mirth I was a pawn of the world a victim to shiny things I scratched my palms … Continue reading Back and forth


Is the world beating you up? Maybe you threw the first blow

Sometimes we are quick to get on our knees when we can't stand the pain. But we are even quicker to forget the moments we caused pain to others. We become too obsessed with what we deserve, that we overlook our own responsibility in this great big world of ours.   “Discomfort brings engagement and … Continue reading Is the world beating you up? Maybe you threw the first blow

Conquering Turmoil

The land shifts slowly beneath my feet I'm careful not to stand on solid lies Tip-toeing to the beat on the street Waiting for the devilish rumble to die Down in the alleys of deceit   Fire breathing entities encircle my castle I hide the pyrophilic emotions that used to conquer me Tis a challenge … Continue reading Conquering Turmoil

The Tall Shadow

She saw the tall shadow whilst in the dark a slow moving spectre devoid of any emotion a single stare diminishing any spark Staying motionless and momentarily breathless behind the closet doors she found solace praying to never set sight on the creature that had victimised the whole palace The shadow canvassed the entire room leaving a … Continue reading The Tall Shadow